Exclusive Interview with the Founders of BlackFort Exchange Network: “Revolutionizing the Crypto Industry with the First-Ever NFT-Based L1 Delegation”

Interview With BlackFort Exchange Network Founders: “Our NFT-Based L1 Delegation is the First of Its Kind”

A Layer-1 network with unique NFT-based delegation, a client-side multicurrency wallet, BXN token, an RWA platform, and a financial services platform are all part of the BlackFort ecosystem. CoinCheckup explores what makes BlackFort one of the most interesting projects on the market.

Can you explain in simple terms what the BlackFort Exchange Network is?
Stefan Huber, CEO: BlackFort is a suite of products covering the spectrum of Web3. We offer an L1 blockchain, BlackFort Exchange Network, with a pioneering consensus algorithm – Proof of Staked Authority, and special delegator NFTs. We also have a multichain wallet with fiat ramps and swaps, along with upcoming platforms for real estate tokenization and financial services, like BlackFort Pay. All products are connected to the $BXN token.

Let’s dive into the BlackFort Exchange Network blockchain. Why should people use it, and what’s unique about its technology?
Lucas G. Hubert, COO: The BlackFort blockchain has almost 1.5 million transactions and 130,000 active addresses. Our goal was to make blockchain participation accessible to all, allowing users to be validators or delegators and reap rewards. With our innovative Proof-of-Staked Authority consensus and Node NFTs, users can easily stake $BXN and become delegators. This inclusive approach sets us apart from other L1 chains.

How does the BlackFort wallet differentiate itself from others?
Mario Urschitz, CIO: Our wallet supports multiple chains, offers a Web3 antivirus for security, and includes fiat ramps, swaps, and more. We take pride in our wallet’s user-friendly features, making it a go-to choice for many users. Additionally, we are launching an RWA platform for tokenizing real estate, further expanding our offerings.

What new products can we expect from BlackFort in 2024?
Lucas G. Hubert, COO: We are excited about BlackFort Pay, a financial services platform that bridges Web3 payments with traditional finance. We also have plans for a native DEX for BlackFort Exchange Network. $BXN token holders will benefit from various utilities across these products, including staking rewards, cashbacks, and more.

Where can users trade the $BXN token?
Lucas G. Hubert, COO: The $BXN token is listed on exchanges like, MEXC, Bitfinex, and LBank, with more listings in progress. It will also be tradable on the upcoming BlackFort DEX.

With a diverse range of products like an innovative consensus mechanism, a DEX, an RWA platform, and financial services, what is BlackFort’s strategy?
Stefan Huber, CEO: Our goal is to remove entry barriers and make crypto accessible to all. By offering a range of products, we aim to simplify the Web3 experience for users. Each member of our team brings unique expertise to create a comprehensive ecosystem for all crypto users.

What is the team’s background in the crypto industry?
Stefan Huber, CEO: Our team members have diverse backgrounds in crypto, bringing a wealth of experience to BlackFort. From mining to corporate environments, and co-founding blockchain projects, we have the expertise to develop a unique ecosystem that caters to the needs of every crypto user.

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