Investors Holding Strong Amid Market Decline

According to on-chain data analysis, it appears that Bitcoin short-term holders have not been selling at a loss during the recent market crash, indicating a shift in market sentiment.

Bitcoin Short-Term Holders Showing Strength
As highlighted by analyst James Van Straten in a recent post on Twitter, Bitcoin short-term holders, who are investors that have acquired their coins within the past 155 days, have not been sending significant amounts of Bitcoin at a loss despite the recent price drop.

Typically, short-term holders are considered to be weak hands in the market, selling quickly during market fluctuations. However, data suggests that these investors have not been participating in selling during the latest downturn in the market.

One way to monitor the behavior of short-term holders is by tracking their exchanges deposits. While not all deposits are made for selling purposes, an influx of deposits during a market crash often signals a selloff.

Interestingly, recent data shows a decline in the volume of Bitcoin sent by short-term holders to exchanges at a loss, indicating a shift in behavior compared to previous market crashes.

Analyst notes that the resilience shown by short-term holders during the recent crash suggests a maturing market, with weaker hands gaining strength in their positions.

Bitcoin’s price has shown signs of recovery in the past 24 hours, reaching the $60,700 level after the crash.

Graphs and data from various sources, including TradingView and Twitter, suggest a positive outlook for Bitcoin’s price following the recent market turbulence.

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