Exclusive: Unveils Impressive Wagered Volume for April 2024

The new crypto gambling platform, launched in February 2023, recently shared insights into its wagered volume for April 2024. A graph posted by Noah Dummett, the face of, showcased the monthly wagered volume, which caught the attention of its users.

The graph illustrates the distribution of wagered volume on Shuffle, showing a steady increase in volume as the year progresses. These figures indicate significant growth in wagered volume throughout the year, with April being the highest month so far.

According to Dummett, Shuffle’s monthly volume for April reached $1.25 billion in wagered volume, with a notable portion coming from non-SHFL tokens.

The discussion sparked by Dummett’s tweet showcased user engagement with questions about various aspects of the platform. Dummett explained that 30% of lost SHFL tokens are burned, while the remaining 70% goes to the bankroll.

When asked about the distribution of wagered volume among different tokens, Dummett revealed that more than 80% of the volume comes from non-SHFL tokens, indicating a broad user base and strong demand for the platform’s services.

Moreover, insights into the breakdown of wagered volume between sports gambling and slot-based games indicated that sports gambling typically accounts for a small portion of the volume, which can fluctuate based on sporting events. is gaining popularity, evident from the lively discussion around its impressive wagered volume and the community’s engagement with Dummett. The platform’s commitment to transparency and community involvement is driving its growth and success in the crypto betting space.

With significant wagered volume and strong community support, Shuffle is positioned to become a key player in the crypto betting industry. As the platform expands its offerings and enhances its services, users can expect a more engaging and rewarding gambling experience. Whether a seasoned gambler or new to crypto betting, Shuffle is a platform worth exploring.

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