Bitcoin Announces Exciting $1,000,000 Grants for Creators and Community Members, Along with Bybit IDO Opportunity is excited to announce that Galaxis is gearing up for its token launch on Bybit this month. The initial phase will begin with an IDO, and to boost this launch, Galaxis has introduced a generous $1,000,000 Community Creator and Community Member Grant Program. This initiative aims to reward and incentivize both community creators and members for actively participating in the Galaxis ecosystem.

Renowned for partnerships with Mike Tyson, Steve Aoki, and the NBA, Galaxis promotes the Web3 creator movement by providing a platform for creators to monetize their work. One standout feature of the platform is its customizable membership cards, which not only serve as digital tokens but also offer perks and access to exclusive experiences to encourage community support. Galaxis has already achieved success, with over 32,000 ETH traded in secondary markets and over $9 million USD raised through the Galaxis Engines.

Galaxis has committed $1,000,000 to Creator and Community Member Grants with the support of CoinMarketCap. This amount will be split between the Creator Grant Program and the Community Member Grant Program, providing $500,000 to each over the next year in recognition of their community involvement. The initiative promotes community engagement and supports creators by offering monthly rewards based on membership tiers.

To kickstart this program, creators can launch their community membership cards for free on Galaxis, while community members can achieve Full or VIP Member status by adding GALAXIS tokens to their cards. The more the community grows and the higher the tier chosen by members, the more creators can earn. Both creators and community members can enjoy exclusive perks based on their membership tier.

“We are thrilled to introduce the $1,000,000 Creator and Community Grants. Our mission has always been to empower and support creators. This initiative underscores our commitment to providing the necessary support and platform for creators to thrive,” said Andras, CEO of Galaxis.

For more information on the grant programs and how they operate, visit the official Galaxis website.

In preparation for its dual launch of both the token and platform, Galaxis, a leading platform for creators, will kick off the token launch with an Initial DEX Offering (IDO) on Bybit starting on May 3rd. This successful launch lays a solid foundation for the upcoming release and the continuous development of the Galaxis ecosystem, establishing Galaxis as a significant player for creators.

To learn more about the token launch and how to get involved, visit the official Bybit website.

Galaxis is a pioneering platform that empowers creators and brands in the evolving Web3 ecosystem. Utilizing cutting-edge blockchain technology, Galaxis offers tools and services to create, manage, and sell dynamic NFTs with real-world benefits and interactive features, enabling creators to engage meaningfully with their communities and collectors to discover unique digital assets.

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