Day 2 at MicroStrategy World: Diving Deeper into Bitcoin for Corporations

Microstrategy’s annual Bitcoin for Corporations conference has entered its second day, featuring discussions with top finance, regulatory, and fintech professionals on the future of corporate Bitcoin adoption. The agenda includes talks on the financial impact of recently approved Spot Bitcoin ETFs in the US, evolving regulatory laws for Bitcoin, and incentives for other companies to emulate MicroStrategy in developing their own Bitcoin strategy.

MicroStrategy World: Bitcoin for Corporations can be livestreamed via Bitcoin Magazine on Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Day 2 Agenda Highlights:

– Bitcoin and Wall Street – 10:00am PDT
Speakers: Phong Le, Matt Horne, Hunter Horsley, Puneet Singhvi

– Regulatory Roundtable: Shaping Digital Assets – 2:00pm PDT
Speakers: Ming Shao, Dax Hanse, Neel Maitra, Amy Park

– MicroStrategy Playbook for Corporates – 3:00pm PDT
Speakers: Michael J Saylor, Andrew Kang, Phong Le

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Day 1 of the event saw MicroStrategy introducing a new enterprise platform for decentralized identity applications on the Bitcoin blockchain. The day also featured a discussion on the Bitcoin Lightning Network and its potential for near-instant settlement of assets, with a statement from David Marcus predicting Bitcoin as the primary currency for AI.

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