CARV Unveils Decentralized Node Sale for Gaming and AI Data Ownership Revolution

Santa Clara, California, April 27th, 2024, Chainwire

CARV, the largest modular data layer for gaming and AI, has announced its highly anticipated debut node sale. This marks a significant step for CARV in its mission to drive data innovation and enable individuals to share the value created in a user-owned internet.

Beginning on May 13, users from around the world will have the opportunity to join CARV’s decentralized data network by running lightweight verifier nodes. This will allow users to contribute to the redistribution of value and earn rewards within the ecosystem.

CARV is pioneering a future where user data is truly owned and controlled by individuals, empowering them to monetize their personal data. With its modular data layer, CARV is transforming how data is utilized across gaming, AI, and other sectors, facilitating a user-owned internet where individuals can benefit from the value their data generates.

With over 2.5 million users already on board, CARV boasts one of the largest ecosystems with unique active wallets across multiple blockchain networks. As the CARV ecosystem grows, running verifier nodes becomes crucial to maintaining integrity and security in the decentralized data processing environment.

The debut node sale will offer a limited supply of 100,000 verifier nodes at a multi-tier pricing system, with prices starting below $500. Node operators will earn a significant portion of the network’s native $CARV tokens, with 25% of the total supply allocated for distribution to verifiers over time. Rewards will also come from ecosystem partners, making running verifier nodes a lucrative opportunity.

CARV’s node sale will be conducted in phases, starting with sales to institutions and organizations on May 3, 2024, followed by whitelist and public node sale launches on May 13 and May 15, 2024, respectively.

For more information and details on how to participate in the CARV node sale, visit here or

CARV is leading the way in revolutionizing data usage and sharing in gaming, AI, and beyond. With a strong team and partnerships in place, CARV is set to reshape the data landscape for the better.

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