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CARV Launches Decentralized Node Sale to Disrupt Data Ownership in Gaming and AI Industry

**CARV Announces Highly Anticipated Node Sale**

Santa Clara, California, April 27th, 2024, Chainwire

CARV, the largest modular data layer for gaming and AI, has announced its highly anticipated debut node sale. This marks a significant milestone in CARV’s mission to maximize data innovation and enable individuals to share the value created in a user-owned internet.

Starting May 13, users worldwide can participate in CARV’s decentralized data network by running lightweight verifier nodes. This contribution helps in redistributing value and allows users to earn rewards.

**The Importance of Nodes with CARV**

CARV envisions a future where users have full ownership and control over their data, allowing them to monetize the personal data they generate. With its modular data layer, CARV is reshaping how personal data is utilized in various sectors like gaming, AI, and more. By joining CARV’s ecosystem, users can rightfully profit from the value their data generates.

With over 2.5 million users on board, CARV boasts one of the largest ecosystems with unique active wallets across multiple blockchain networks. Verifier nodes play a vital role in maintaining integrity and security within CARV’s decentralized data processing environment, ensuring accurate verification and recording of data.

**Benefits of Running Nodes with CARV**

CARV’s node sale offers 100,000 verifier nodes with a multi-tier pricing system, starting at sub $500. Node operators will receive a significant portion of the network’s native $CARV tokens as rewards. Additionally, rewards from ecosystem partners and the simplicity of running verifier nodes make it an attractive opportunity for users to participate in the decentralized data economy.

The node sale will be conducted in phases, providing different opportunities for participation. For more information and to join the sale, visit [here](https://medium.com/@Carv/carvs-node-sale-revolutionizing-data-ownership-in-gaming-and-ai-53fa052fa381) or [https://node.carv.io/](https://node.carv.io/).

**About CARV**

CARV is the largest modular data layer for gaming, AI, and beyond, pioneering a future where data generates value for all. With CARV Protocol and CARV Play, the platform integrates with 40+ chain ecosystems and has over 2.5 million registered users and 700 integrated games.

For more information about CARV, visit [carv.io](http://carv.io).


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