Sui Partners with Google Cloud to Boost Web3 Innovation with Advanced Security, Scalability, and AI Features

Palo Alto, California, April 30th, 2024, Chainwire

A collaboration has been initiated to address key Web3 challenges using data-driven insights, AI-powered development tools, and zero-knowledge proofs. Sui, the Layer 1 blockchain and smart contract platform developed by the core research team behind Facebook’s Libra and Diem projects, is partnering with Google Cloud in conjunction with Mysten Labs to advance the future of Web3. This partnership aims to improve security, scalability, developer tools, and user experiences across various Web3 and AI-powered applications.

Key aspects of this collaboration include:

Data-Driven dApps
Google Cloud is integrating Sui blockchain data into BigQuery public datasets, providing developers with powerful analytics tools to explore new insights and innovative dApp possibilities.

AI-Enhanced Development
Sui is utilizing Google Cloud’s Vertex AI generative platform to train it on the Move programming language, aiding Web3 developers in debugging and enhancing code generation. Mysten Labs has developed an AI-based code auditing tool to identify security vulnerabilities in Rust, Move, Typescript, and Solidity, bolstering security measures.

Seamless User Experience
Sui’s zkLogin technology bridges the gap between Web2 and decentralized Web3 applications by using OAuth credentials from Google and other trusted Web2 platforms for frictionless authentication of crypto wallets and dApps on Sui.

Robust and Scalable Infrastructure
Sui is leveraging Google Cloud’s globally scalable infrastructure to ensure security and high transaction throughput, ensuring high performance and scalability of its network.

Evan Cheng, CEO and co-founder of Mysten Labs, expressed, “Collaborating with Google Cloud helps us advance the development of secure, scalable, and user-centric Web3 experiences.” Amit Zavery, VP, and general manager at Google Cloud, stated, “We are committed to supporting Web3 innovation with our secure cloud infrastructure and AI capabilities, making Sui a valuable collaborator in delivering transformative applications for Web3 and Web2 developers.”

Google Cloud is dedicated to empowering the Sui developer community through its Web3 Startup Program, offering resources such as Google Cloud credits, access to Web3 experts, foundation grants, and global events to accelerate innovative applications on Sui.

For more information about Sui, visit Learn more about Mysten Labs at Google Cloud offers a range of AI, infrastructure, developer, data, security, and collaboration tools to help organizations transform for the future.

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Mysten Labs
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