OKX Jumpstart Unveils BTC Staking Feature for Runecoin Mining on Its Platform

OKX Jumpstart Introduces BTC Staking for Runecoin Mining

OKX, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, has introduced a new mining opportunity for Runecoin through its innovative OKX Jumpstart platform. The event commenced at 7:00 am UTC on April 29 and will last for a full 24-hour duration. During this period, individuals who hold Bitcoin have the exclusive opportunity to stake their BTC and receive Runecoin tokens in exchange.
Runecoin operates on the Runes Protocol and was initially introduced as a Pre-Rune airdrop for early Ordinals adopters. It has a total token supply of 21 billion, mirroring Bitcoin’s iconic 21 million cap. This mining event is significant as it marks the first instance of a Bitcoin rune being included on a major trading platform, potentially increasing exposure for Runecoin and promoting greater engagement and understanding of Ordinals and Runes within the Bitcoin ecosystem.

We are pleased to announce our participation in @OKX Jumpstart, with the ticker being $RUNECOIN. This milestone marks the first listing of a Bitcoin rune on a top exchange. This achievement aligns with Runecoin’s mission to drive adoption, education, and innovation of Ordinals, Runes, and…— Runecoin ▣⛏️ (@rune_coin) April 29, 2024

Details on Strategy and Participation
OKX has outlined a comprehensive distribution plan for Runecoin. The majority of tokens, precisely 92.00%, are allocated for airdrops. The development team retains 5.00% of the total supply. OKX Jumpstart participants receive 1.75%, while 1.25% is set aside for liquidity purposes. Those engaging in the BTC staking pool have the opportunity to mine a significant total of 367,500,000 Runecoin tokens.
To participate, users must deposit BTC into their OKX funding accounts, navigate to the Grow section within the OKX application, and click the “Stake” button to commence mining. At the conclusion of the mining period, participants can choose to unstake their BTC by selecting “Unstake,” which will automatically transfer the BTC back to their funding accounts. Even if participants do not complete the unstaking process by the end of the event, the mined tokens will still be credited to their accounts.
Furthermore, Runecoin has announced a notable partnership with OKC Jumpstart in a recent X post dated April 29. This collaboration is recognized as a significant milestone for the community and a substantial advancement for the Runes ecosystem as a whole. The partnership aims to provide high-volume trading, low fees, quick execution times, a seamless user experience, and access to a global user base.

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