MetaWin Founder Unveils $ROCKY Meme Coin on Base Network in Latest Crypto Venture

London, United Kingdom, April 29th, 2024, Chainwire

A new meme coin, $ROCKY, made its debut on the Base network. The coin, launched by Skel.eth, the founder of MetaWin, is named after his Pomeranian, also named ROCKY. Within just 30 hours of its release, $ROCKY reached a market cap of $4.6 million, showing significant potential for further growth with the support of the MetaWin community.

“I launched it as a test before our $MWIN token sale,” said Skel.eth, the creative force behind $ROCKY. “It’s been successful so far! We’ve gained valuable insights, and it’s amazing to see the community benefit financially. Despite my advice to sell early, many holders have kept their coins, and the coin has taken on a life of its own.”

MetaWin plans to integrate $ROCKY into future community competitions to enhance its utility beyond a typical meme coin, reinforcing its slogan, “MORE than a meme coin.” With a solid foundation, MetaWin now has nearly 250,000 connected wallets and 80 professionals in Web3 technologies, setting the stage for innovation and success for $ROCKY.

Users can participate in daily $ROCKY competitions for free on BASE or with an NFT purchase. The generated revenue will be used to buy more $ROCKY after each competition, providing a bonus for holders.

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About MetaWin:
Founded by Skel.eth, MetaWin is a platform for on-chain prize competitions and instant win games, offering various entertaining challenges for users. With cutting-edge blockchain technology, MetaWin ensures a transparent, fair, and secure gaming environment. Supported by a community of 250,000 connected wallets, MetaWin is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of the cryptocurrency landscape.

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