Massive AIRDROP2049 Launched by 50 Top Web3 Projects, Attracts Over 400,000 Participants in Just 10 Days

AIRDROP2049, a large-scale Web3 airdrop hosted by UXLINK and co-hosted by OKX Ventures, Web3port, and Trusta Labs, has already attracted over 400,000 users! A coalition of 50 prominent Web3 project parties has come together to launch a massive airdrop campaign on Platform X (formerly Twitter), resulting in over 1 million views for #AIRDROP2049. Two live events on Twitter Space last week drew in more than 75,000 listeners, with over 100 KOLs participating in the airdrop retweeting campaign, which is set to run until mid-May.

Some of the project names involved are B² Network, Satoshi Protocol, Tuna Chain, Master Protocol, and more in the BTC ecosystem; CharacterX, Alaya, LayerNet, EdgeMatrix Computing, and others in the AI category; TonUP, Premius Market, PixelSwap, DEGO Finance, and others in the DeFi sector; and several others across GameFi, SocialFi, and Infrastructure domains.

According to the marketing lead at Mind Network, AIRDROP2049 has successfully brought together diverse project partners to conduct airdrops, catering to various types of Web3 users, aiming to bring meaningful value to each participant. The operations head at Trusta Lab observed active interactions on the chain and expects more users to join as the campaign progresses. Co-host Web3Port emphasized the significance of high-quality project parties collaborating on the airdrop, leading to increased user engagement and mutual growth opportunities.

Incubated by UXLINK, AIRDROP2049 leverages the social platform’s RWS protocol for user social graph authorization and rewards data credentials. UXLINK is a pioneering Web3 social platform striving for mass adoption, with a focus on fostering real-time interactions between users and Dapps through innovative Groups tools and protocols.

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