Haven Protocol Launches Incentivized Testnet for Haven1 Airdrop

Photo for the Article - Haven1 Airdrop: Incentivized Testnet Starts, a top crypto news site editor, reported that Haven1, an EVM-compatible blockchain, is set to launch its native token, $H1. Unlike traditional token launches that include airdrops, Haven1 has opted for a points system for participants in its incentivized testnet campaign.

Overview of Haven1 Blockchain

Haven1, available at, is a layer 1 blockchain with a proof-of-authority consensus mechanism, providing a secure platform for on-chain financial transactions. The developers highlighted the vulnerabilities of decentralized protocols to hacks and malicious activities, emphasizing Haven1’s implementation of network-level risk controls to create a safer ecosystem.

Development of Haven1 Ecosystem

The Haven1 team aims to build an ecosystem of protocols on top of their L1 product, each undergoing rigorous review processes to meet industry standards and enhance user security. Additionally, Haven1 plans to complement Ethereum by transitioning from a side chain to a roll-up infrastructure, utilizing Ethereum as a global settlement layer.

Mainnet Launch and Future Plans

Haven1 is expected to launch its mainnet in the second quarter of 2024, enabling the creation of decentralized credit scores and on-chain lending markets to enhance financial inclusion. Furthermore, Haven1 will facilitate the exchange and settlement of traditional assets like securities and bonds through tokenization.

Market Position and Adoption

Haven1 positions itself as a key player in the digital finance revolution, focusing on providing an accessible and secure platform utilizing blockchain technology for mainstream adoption of Web3.

Haven1 Airdrop Guide

The developers plan to launch the $H1 native token soon, coinciding with the upcoming mainnet launch. They are implementing a points system for participants in the incentivized testnet campaign to earn rewards by completing quests on Zealy and Galxe.

How to Participate in the Haven1 Airdrop Guide

For more information on Haven1’s incentivized testnet and airdrop guide, readers can refer to the article published on BitPinas: Haven1 Airdrop: Incentivized Testnet Starts.


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