Fantasy Metaverse Darklume Launches Presale – Hurry to Secure Your Tokens!

Fantasy Metaverse Darklume - Presale is LIVE

Casal Di Basso CS, Italy, April 29th, 2024, Chainwire

Darklume VR, a pioneering force in the VR entertainment sector, is excited to introduce DarkLume VR, an incredible virtual world where users can immerse themselves in fun, entertainment, and fantasy like never before.
The goal of DarkLume VR is to establish a dynamic and immersive metaverse where users can interact with like-minded individuals and experience the pinnacle of luxury and sophistication.
Users can participate in the presale here.
Darklume VR transports players into a space where reality blends with fantasy, providing an unparalleled level of immersion that blurs the boundaries between the physical and virtual realms. With state-of-the-art technology and innovative design, DarkLume VR offers online gamers an immersive experience like never before, featuring stunning visuals and realistic soundscapes. Users can engage in the nightlife of DarkLumes with mesmerizing dance floors and virtual clubs, tapping into their inner emotions and accumulating digital wealth. Users can form lasting relationships or devise strategies to generate wealth online and come out prosperous.
“At Darklume, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of virtual entertainment and enjoyment,” stated the CEO of Darklume. “With DarkLume VR, we are not only redefining the immersive metaverse experience but also unlocking new avenues for creativity, collaboration, and exploration within the virtual realm.”
Key features of DarkLume VR include:
DLUME currency:
Utilize DarkLume’s native currency, DLUME, to engage in various activities within the DarkLume VR. It serves as the primary medium of exchange, with more DLUME coins leading to higher levels of fun and enjoyment.
Country citizenship
Each country within the DarkLume Metaverse offers citizenship by holding a specific minimum token.
Maintaining citizenship
To retain citizenship in the country, users must pay the taxes imposed on them; failing to do so will result in revocation of their citizenship.
Users can use their DLUME Coins for different activities and earn them within Darklume VR by participating in social activities. Additionally, every user without a source of income will receive unemployment wages, though these cannot be used for personal gain.
To mark the launch of Darklume VR, Darklume is offering a special airdrop worth $15000. Users can visit the DarkLume VR Twitter (X) handle, complete a simple task, and become part of this dream world.
About Darklume
DarkLume VR introduces a unique virtual metaverse concept that combines social interaction, fantasy elements, and a gamified ecosystem. Through its native tokens, DLUME, users can fulfill their unmet desires in the virtual world. This includes monthly unemployment wages, tipping each other, contributing to society, and engaging in social activities. DarkLume is pushing boundaries to offer a new level of fun, fantasy, and entertainment, along with captivating games to explore. With the ongoing support of dedicated investors and an active community, DarkLume VR aims to reach heights beyond imagination.
For more updates, users can join DarkLume VR Telegram and follow them on Twitter

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