Analysts Predict Bitcoin Will Surge to $85,000, Polygon to Reach $55, and NuggetRush to Hit $1

Crypto analyst Bixley has predicted a potential rally to $55 if Polygon breaks out of a trend line.

Analysts have forecasted the price of Bitcoin to soar to $85k in the coming weeks.

NuggetRush has been tagged as one of the top new crypto to invest in for 100x gains.

Given its impressive recovery after the Bitcoin halving, experts are predicting that the price of BTC could jump to $85,000 very soon. Meanwhile, Bixley, a crypto analyst, has forecast that the price of Polygon should reach a lean of $55.00 (a 7,800% increase) if it breaks out of a trend line. Furthermore, NuggetRush emerged as a top crypto to buy as it is on a path to hit the $1.00 milestone before the year ends.

Traders Set $1 Price Target for NuggetRush (NUGX)

The crypto bull run is around the corner and investors are stacking up tokens with high chances of performing well. One of the tokens on their list is the gaming token NuggetRush (NUGX). Just days after the much-anticipated DEX listing on Uniswap, where NUGX was listed at $0.020, the ERC20 coins have been airdropped to early investors in its crypto ICO.

Investors are now backing NuggetRush to surge by up to 50x during the bull run because of its unique gaming platform. NuggetRush is a game for crypto mining that introduces new elements to P2E gamers. In contrast to other gaming platforms, NuggetRush offers players the chance to play an immersive mining game and act as diligent miners who search for minerals.

This makes NuggetRush one of the best DeFi projects in the market now and shows a good opportunity to see what we call mining. Apart from these precious minerals, there are assets that miners can win or pick on their way, including gaming gear, tokens, and the coolest NFTs – RUSHGEMs.

RUSHGEM are special NFTs as they can be traded for physical gold assets or staked for APYs of up to 20%. Transforming into physical gold on NuggetRush ranks RUSHGEM as the best crypto investment in the GameFi sector.

Polygon (MATIC); Analysts Forecast 7,800% Surge To $55

In an analysis posted on TradingView, a crypto expert named Bixley shared positive views on Polygon (MATIC). According to Bixley, MATIC’s price is close to a trend line and slightly above the current $0.70 mark where the cryptocurrency is trading.

The analyst expects this trend line to be violated very soon, which will be followed by a price explosion. If this happens, the analyst has set $1.20 (up 70%), $5.4 (up 650%), and $55.00 (up 7,800%) as the target MATIC in this bull cycle.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Prediction

Bitcoin (BTC), the largest crypto by market cap, is currently in recovery following the recent crypto crash. The recent Bitcoin halving ignited a rally which saw the price of BTC rise from its monthly low of $60,181 to cross $67,067.

However, the attempt by bulls to push the price to $67,000 wasn’t successful.

In the coming weeks, most top market experts and analysts expect the influx of funds into Bitcoin ETFs and the aftermath of the recent halving will help push its price to new highs. Analysts have forecasted that Bitcoin will hit $85,000 after the bulls break through the $70,000 level.

Final Thoughts

The long-awaited Bitcoin halving has occurred, and the crypto community is currently waiting for the bull cycle to begin. Among the coins in the market, analysts have picked Bitcoin, Polygon, and NuggetRush as the best coins to invest in right now for massive gains when the bull cycle begins.

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