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BitcoinOS Shares Revolutionary Whitepaper Introducing Rollups on Bitcoin Platform

Blockchain developers have made significant progress in bringing rollups to Bitcoin, which allows for “unlimited smart contract functionality” and scaling capabilities that were once unfamiliar to the original crypto network.
BitcoinOS recently released a whitepaper for “BitSNARK and Grail”, a system that bridges Bitcoin to layer 2 rollups and blockchains in a trust-minimized manner.
The development of this new rollup system stems from BitVM, a Bitcoin-based computing paradigm introduced by Robin Linus last year. BitVM enabled the verification of Succinct Non-Interactive Arguments of Knowledge (SNARKs) on Bitcoin, leading to the potential for Bitcoin Rollup Bridges and scaling technologies similar to Ethereum’s Optimism or Arbitrum.
BitSNARK builds upon BitVM with a specialized software library, making bridges cost-effective, efficient, and secure for practical use.
According to Edan Yago, one of the authors of the paper, this solution addresses Bitcoin’s trilemma of scale, computational expressivity, and decentralization without requiring soft forks, upgrades, or new op-codes.
Grail, the new system, utilizes BitSNARK to produce SNARK proofs for Bitcoin and rollup transactions, enabling secure asset transfers between L1 and L2 rollups. Unlike existing Bitcoin layer 2 systems, which have tradeoffs in scalability, Grail offers a more robust and decentralized approach.
The whitepaper also outlines that the Grail bridge requires a minimum of two operators to operate, with the potential to support any number. This system allows for flexibility in adding or removing operators, ensuring security even if all parties collude.
The announcement of this development coincides with the recent introduction of Runes, a Bitcoin token protocol that has increased activity and fees on Bitcoin’s base layer.
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