Breaking News: Over 300 million Dogecoin Transferred to Robinhood

Whale Alert informed us that an enormous amount of prime meme coins, which also involve 300 million Dogecoin, have been shifted to the Robinhood exchange. This occurrence has taken place at a time when the pricing of Doge has been preparing for a release. 

Whale Alert spoke of 300,000,000 DOGE shifting from an unknown wallet to Robinhood, a trading platform. It provides its clients with cryptocurrencies, as well as conventional stocks, for investment purposes. 

The volume of meme coins equals $47,921,394. In actuality, the figure may be much higher. Robinhood received 300,000,000 DOGE, whereas one more unknown wallet came in for 129,693,892 DOGE. It presently has 1,733,699,458 Dogecoin.

This amount of meme coins is the equivalent of $47,921,394. Data from the above-mentioned source revealed that more DOGE was transferred than that. While 300,000,000 DOGE went to Robinhood, 129,693,892 DOGE were transacted to another anonymous wallet, which now holds 1,733,699,458 Dogecoin.

The DOGE shifting was followed by one more transaction of a separate meme cryptocurrency, the second biggest regarding market capitalization, just behind DOGE-Shiba Inu.

Whale Alert observed that a figure of 3,000,000,000,000 SHIB, worth $79,947,000 in fiat, was released from one unknown wallet and received by another. Etherscan divulged that the address that got the amount is owned by Robinhood, similar to the Dogecoin shifting. 

As informed by U.Today, a big player bought a large piece of meme coins amounting to 237.8 billion Shibu Inu, which went into an inactive wallet. This involved $6,290,435, right after the SHIB team declared they had received $12 million for developing a layer 3 service on top of Shabarium. This fresh L3 blockchain will be all about privacy and safety factors related to transactions and user data.

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