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The Mega Dice presale raises $350,000 within the first day of launch

As the broader crypto community gears up for the upcoming bull run, meme coins are increasingly drawing attention in the trading sphere. Investors are scouting for new projects that might bring profits in the coming weeks. Many industry experts believe that Mega Dice ($DICE), a new Solana-based meme coin, has the potential to explode and become the next viral hit. The Mega Dice project has already made a mark within the crypto world, raising $350,000 just 24 hours after its launch. Let’s explore what all the hype is about.
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Mega Dice features a staking system allowing investors to earn passive income from Solana-based cryptos

Mega Dice ($DICE) has emerged as the first Telegram-based crypto casino, gaining substantial traction within the gaming sector. It skillfully combines two expanding sectors: Solana-based tokens and GameFi, establishing itself as a major player in the crypto gaming landscape. The casino has a global player base exceeding 50,000 and processes over $50 million in bets each month, positioning it as a leading crypto casino. $DICE serves multiple purposes. It offers benefits such as cashback within the casino, rewards from airdrops, and access to exclusive NFT-based incentives. Featuring a diverse selection of over 4,000 games from premier developers, Mega Dice also provides extensive betting options on many sports and eSports events. Its engaging gaming environment and loyalty rewards further boost the platform.

The recent launch of a presale for $DICE offered early investors a favorable purchase price of $0.069. In an effort to improve its appeal, it has announced plans to distribute over $2.25 million in airdrops across three phases to active participants who meet specific betting points. Additionally, the platform supports a referral scheme. Users who refer new investors to the presale can earn a 10% commission on the referred investments. Furthermore, participants in the early stages of the presale can receive additional $DICE tokens as bonuses, adding another layer of motivation to engage with Mega Dice’s offerings. >>>Get Mega Dice Now<<< $DICE’s strong tokenomics position the project for long-term success. The Mega Dice Casino whitepaper reveals that the platform will have a total supply of 420 million $DICE tokens strategically allocated to support growth and reward users. Below is an overview of the token distribution strategy:- 35% – Presale offering – 147 million tokens are designated for the presale to fund startup activities and secure foundational finances. 15% – Airdrops for players – 63 million tokens are earmarked for rewarding the platform’s active participants, aiming to boost user retention and engagement. 15% – LP – 63 million tokens are set aside to support smooth trading conditions once the token is launched. 15% – Casino $DICE pool – 63 million tokens are allocated for ongoing casino operations and to improve the gaming reward system. 10% – Stalking rewards – 42 million tokens are provided to those who invest long-term in the token and actively engage with the platform’s ecosystem. 5% – Marketing/KOL deals – 21 million tokens are used for marketing initiatives and collaborations to increase platform visibility. 5% – Affiliate programs – 21 million tokens support programs that encourage existing users to bring new players to the platform. This allocation plan was created to promote the future expansion of $DICE and stimulate community engagement. With an anticipated rise in the presale price, it presents a great opportunity for investors to purchase at the existing lower rate. >>>Get Mega Dice Now<<< Mega Dice ($DICE) — Poised for explosive gains after quickly securing over $3.5k in the first 24 hours. The Mega Dice project, a newcomer in crypto casino gaming, has launched its presale, drawing the interest of many in the crypto community. On the first day, it successfully gathered over $3.5k, a significant achievement given the current downtrend affecting many crypto tokens. Investing early in crypto presales like Mega Dice’s could possibly bring significant returns in the following weeks. There’s speculation that the Mega Dice token could potentially skyrocket and bring returns up to 150x. This speculation is supported by its innovative status as the world’s first licensed Telegram-based casino, a platform with great potential reach. This unique positioning boosts the chances of a surge in $DICE’s value in the following weeks. Mega Dice’s innovative approach sets it apart from traditional crypto casino offerings, promising a new and engaging experience for users and potentially a rewarding opportunity for early investors looking for significant gains in the crypto market. >>>Get Mega Dice Now<<< Final thoughts. The meme coin market has recently captured attention – with one particular token standing out, still available at a reasonable price. Mega Dice, a top global crypto casino, has recently launched a $DICE presale, attracting significant interest from major investors. The project has already generated significant buzz in the community, raising over $400k within just the first few days of its presale. Now is the perfect time to get involved if you’re looking to be an early investor and secure substantial profits before $DICE takes off! Disclaimer: This article is sponsored content and is not financial advice. CryptoNewsZ does not endorse or guarantee the accuracy of the content. Readers should verify information independently and exercise caution when dealing with any mentioned company. Investing in cryptocurrencies is risky, and seeking advice from a qualified professional is recommended.

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