PixelPals Season Wraps Up with Over $200K in Prizes and Impressive Participation from the Philippines

PixelPals is concluding Season Zero on April 29, with a prize pool reaching $193,945 (₱11.1 million at the time this story is published). It is expected to reach more than $200,000 towards the end of the season.

Philippines ranks third globally in PixelPals player base, just behind the U.S. and Vietnam.

The game allows for management of pets and habitats, contributing to rewards in MON tokens at season’s end.

When he’s not busy creating content for web3, studying accounting, or managing his own community, you can find Filipino streamer Sir Alvon playing PixelPals, a new hypercasual pet and base management web3 game.

“I love playing PixelPals. It’s fun, easy to play, and doesn’t take a lot of time,” said Alvon, who resides in Parañaque, Metro Manila. He has been creating and sharing game guides on TikTok, encouraging more Filipinos to engage with the game.

“You can play it while commuting or when you’re taking a break from work. The game is just starting, and participating now gives players a chance to be included in an upcoming airdrop. I think it’s going to get even better in future seasons.” – Sir Alvon, Content Creator

PixelPals Season Zero Success in the Philippines

Sir Alvon is referencing the fact that PixelPals is about to conclude its Season Zero on April 29, with the prize pool having reached a significant $193,945 (₱11.1 million at the time this story is published). It is expected to reach more than $200,000 towards the end of the season.

The game’s developers, Pixelmon, plan to distribute these prizes based on players’ progression points throughout the season.

The Philippines ranks as the third top player base globally for PixelPals, with over 76,000 local gamers. This places the country just behind the U.S. and Vietnam, which boast 146,000 and 214,000 players respectively. Other countries in the top ten include Indonesia, India, Japan, Brazil, Nigeria, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

What is PixelPals?

Described as a hypercasual pet and base management game, PixelPals requires players to care for a titular creature, ensuring it is fed and grows in XP. Players also manage their habitat, which can be decorated to increase its Habitat Value. At the season’s end, these efforts contribute to MON token rewards following the upcoming Mon Protocol token generation event (TGE).

The game is accessible on both mobile and desktop platforms, allowing players to sign up using a Moca ID or create a web3 wallet account via the PixelPals website using common login credentials like a Google account or email address.

Since its inception, players have been optimistic about the game’s direction, largely due to an active development team that continually strives to improve the game and integrate features that the community desires.

Sir Alvon has emerged as one of the top content creators for PixelPals in the region. Browsing his TikTok page, one of the latest videos highlights the rewards given to PixelPals players.

Future Developments

As season zero nears its conclusion, the development team is diligently working to introduce more content for players.

Season one will feature a new turn-based card battle system within PixelPals, where players can collect different PixelCards and battle to win MON tokens. Winnings from season zero can be utilized to purchase PixelCards in season one, and plans for future seasons are already in motion.

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