Can Optimism (OP) Reach 10USD by 2030? Price Prediction for 2024-2030

Can Optimism OP make it to 10 USD? Is Optimism OP, a sound investment? If you learn about this blockchain project, you can get the solutions to all of these questions. We will explain the definition of Optimism OP in this piece, along with price projections for 2024, 2025, and beyond. We’ll also discuss its price history.

Optimism is a fast, stable, and scalable L2 blockchain built by Ethereum developers, for Ethereum developers. Optimism’s EVM-equivalent architecture expands your Ethereum projects without unpleasant shocks because it was designed as a minimum addition to the existing Ethereum infrastructure. If it runs on Ethereum, it runs on Optimism for a far lower price.

There is more to optimism than simply a blockchain. It is a test of how to sustainably fund an ecosystem using money from the protocol.

OP Details
Optimism (OP)

Coin Name
Optimism (OP)


Market Cap


Total Tokens


What is Optimism OP?
Through the decentralized autonomous organization Optimism Collective, optimism’s native token, also known as optimism (OP), contributes to the funding of third-party development projects and connections on the optimism platform (DAO).

Simple and elegant
As few lines of code as possible separate Optimism from Ethereum’s battle-tested infrastructure. Build your app on the L2 that doesn’t quit.
Click and deploy
Optimism is equivalent to the Ethereum Virtual Machine, not just compatible. This means all Ethereum apps and tooling just work.
Rollup Protocol
The big idea that makes Optimism possible is the Optimistic Rollup. We’ll go through a brief explainer of how Optimistic Rollups work at a high level. Then we’ll explain why Optimism is built as an Optimistic Rollup and why we believe it’s the best option for a system that addresses all of our design goals.

Optimistic Rollup
A blockchain that benefits from another “parent” blockchain’s security is referred to as a “optimistic rollup,” which is essentially just a fancy way of saying that it does it. For example, rather than supplying their own consensus method, optimistic rollups use the parent chain’s (such as PoW or PoS) as a basis for consensus. This parent blockchain is Ethereum in the case of Optimism.
Block Production
Optimism block production is primarily managed by a single party, called the “sequencer,” which helps the network by providing the following services:

Providing transaction confirmations and state updates.
Constructing and executing L2 blocks.
Submitting user transactions to L1.

Bridging Assets between Layers
Users can communicate any messages between smart contracts on Optimism and Ethereum because of the way optimism is constructed. This enables the exchange of assets between the two networks, including ERC20 tokens. Depending on which way messages are transmitted, several mechanisms are used for this communication to take place.
Optimism uses this functionality in the Standard bridge to allow users to deposit assets (ERC20s and ETH) from Ethereum to Optimism and also allow withdrawals of the same from Optimism back to Ethereum.
Moving from Ethereum to Optimism
In Optimism terminology, transactions going from Ethereum (L1) to Optimism (L2) are called deposits, even if they do not have any assets attached to them.
Their Philosophy
A nonprofit organization devoted to expanding the Optimism Collective is called the Optimism Foundation.
In addition to developing software that grows Ethereum technology, they also increase Ethereum values by building the foundation for significant initiatives without a viable business plan. ‍
Until the project is fully decentralized, they are aiming to donate all profits from running a centralized sequencer towards scaling and sustaining public goods.

Optimism’s Security Model
Cryptography needs to be secure. The intended functionality of the code is expected by users, developers, and infrastructure providers. These same groups (rightfully) want a quick, secure, and transparent solution when it doesn’t.
At Optimism, we have gained a great deal of knowledge about this fine balance and the value of openness about security models over the years. Being transparent alone is insufficient; it must also be available. It doesn’t matter how clear your security model is if the typical user cannot grasp it.
Protocol specs
With the OVM 2.0 upgrade, which happened on November 11th, 2021, the Optimism protocol went through its biggest upgrade to date. The primary focus of this upgrade was EVM Equivalence (opens a new window), a new design for Optimism that brought it close to 1:1 parity with Ethereum.
Developer tools
You have the list of networks and node providers to help you connect to an Optimism node.
To get some ETH bridged over for deployment gas fees, use one of the available faucets or just bridge ETH using the Optimism Gateway (opens a new window).
Your app is live in production? Watch it grow using one of the monitoring tools. They also have a set of troubleshooting tools and block explorers to help you provide stellar service to your users.
Price History
The value of OP on May 31, 2022, the day it first entered the open market via the first airdrop, was $4.57. It decreased to $0.4005 on June 18, 2022, which was less than a tenth of its launch price. This was the price it reached at its all-time low in June 2022.
After that, there was some good news as the token slowly recovered to end the month at $0.5434. However, on July 13, 2022, the token dropped to $0.4147 and resumed its downward trajectory.
But by November 4th, 2022, the token had recovered almost 108% and was up to $1.3512.
Though that bullish trend was brief, the token dropped to $0.7952 by November 10th, 2022, closing the year at $0.917 with a market cap of $215,307,665.
2023 has seen a major growth in Optimism. The minimum and maximum price for OP in 2023 has been 1.19USD and a little above 4USD respectively.
OP Onchain Analysis: April 2024

Revenue (30d): $5.79 Million – Over the past 30 days, Optimism has generated a revenue of approximately $5.79 Million USD.
Revenue (annualized): $70.46 Million – Extrapolating the 30-day revenue figure, Optimism’s annualized revenue is projected to be approximately $70.46 Million.
P/F ratio (fully diluted): 22.9x – The Price-to-Fully Diluted Market Cap ratio for Optimism is currently at 22.9x. This metric suggests the valuation of the protocol relative to its fully diluted market cap, indicating investor sentiment.
P/S ratio (fully diluted): 152.7x – The Price-to-Sales ratio for Optimism, based on the fully diluted market cap, is at 152.7x. This metric provides insight into the valuation of the protocol relative to its revenue generated.
Fees (30d): $5.79 Million – Over the past 30 days, Optimism has generated approximately $5.79 Million in fees. It has experienced a growth of 55.70%.
Fees (annualized): $70.46 Million – Extrapolating the 30-day fee figure, Optimism’s annualized fees are projected to be approximately $70.46 Million.
Active users (weekly): 698.16k – Over the past 30 days, Optimism has had an average of 137.35k daily active users. This represents a positive growth of 13.3% in user activity during this period.

Optimism OP Price Prediction 2024

Maximum Price
Minimum Price

April 2024

May 2024

June 2024

July 2024

August 2024

September 2024

October 2024

November 2024

December 2024

In April 2024, the maximum price for OP is expected to be $3.200, while the minimum price is projected to be $2.133. As we progress into May, the maximum price is anticipated to rise to $3.232, with the minimum price increasing to $2.693. Moving into June, the maximum and minimum prices are forecasted to further increase to $3.264 and $2.720, respectively. By December 2024, the maximum price is expected to reach $3.465, while the minimum price may rise to $2.888.

OP Price Prediction 2025

Maximum Price
Minimum Price

January 2025

February 2025

March 2025

April 2025

May 2025

June 2025

July 2025

August 2025

September 2025

October 2025

November 2025

December 2025

In January 2025, the maximum price for OP is expected to be $6.237, with a minimum price projected at $5.030. As February arrives, the maximum price is forecasted to rise to $6.300, while the minimum is anticipated to be $4.500. March is expected to see further increases, with the maximum and minimum prices predicted to reach $6.363 and $5.132, respectively. Moving towards December 2025, the maximum price is forecasted to be $7.389, with the minimum price projected to be $5.278.

Optimism OP Price Prediction 2026

Maximum Price
Minimum Price

January 2026

February 2026

March 2026

April 2026

May 2026

June 2026

July 2026

August 2026

September 2026

October 2026

November 2026

December 2026

Optimism OP Price Prediction 2027

Maximum Price
Minimum Price

January 2027

February 2027

March 2027

April 2027

May 2027

June 2027

July 2027

August 2027

September 2027

October 2027

November 2027

December 2027

OP Price Prediction 2028 to 2030

Maximum Price
Minimum Price

January 2028

February 2028

March 2028

April 2028

May 2028

June 2028

July 2028

August 2028

September 2028

October 2028

November 2028

December 2028

January 2029

February 2029

March 2029

April 2029

May 2029

June 2029

July 2029

August 2029

September 2029

October 2029

November 2029

December 2029

January 2030

February 2030

March 2030

April 2030

May 2030

June 2030

July 2030

August 2030

September 2030

October 2030

November 2030

December 2030

In the upcoming years, the maximum price of the OP is anticipated to surge to $26.743 in 2028, while the minimum price is expected to reach $8.462 during the same period. As we progress into 2029, the maximum price is forecasted to significantly increase to $55.732, accompanied by a minimum price projection of $19.256. Furthermore, in 2030, analysts predict a further rise in the maximum price to $58.482, with the minimum price hovering around $34.466.

Optimism OP Price Prediction in INR

Maximum Price Minimum Price

2026 ₹946.38 ₹354.13

2027 ₹1,077.36 ₹363.42

2028 ₹2,231.06 ₹705.95

2029 ₹4,649.55 ₹1,606.47

2030 ₹4,878.98 ₹2,875.39

In the upcoming years, the OP Token is poised for substantial growth, with the maximum price projected to escalate to ₹946.38 in 2026, while the minimum price is anticipated to stabilize around ₹354.13 during the same period. As we advance into 2027, OP Token forecasts suggest a further uptick in the maximum price to ₹1,077.36, accompanied by a minimum price projection of ₹363.42. Looking ahead to 2028, analysts anticipate a significant surge in the maximum price, potentially reaching ₹2,231.06, with the minimum price expected to hover around ₹705.95. By 2029, the OP’s maximum price is forecasted to soar to ₹4,649.55, while the minimum price may settle at ₹1,606.47. Finally, in 2030, projections hint at continued growth, with the maximum price expected to climb to ₹4,878.98, and the minimum price likely to stabilize around ₹2,875.39.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Does Optimism have fault proofs?
No, Optimism does not currently have fault proofs. Fault proofs do not meaningfully improve the security of a system if that system can be upgraded within the 7-day challenge window (” fast upgrade keys”). A system with fast upgrade keys, such as Optimism, is fully dependent on the upgrade keys for security. Optimism’s goal is to be the first system that deploys fault proofs that can secure the system by themselves, without fast upgrade keys.

What is Optimism OP Price Prediction for 2025?
In 2025, the price is expected to reach a maximum of $7.890 whereas a minimum of $3.636 is expected.

What is Optimism OP Price Prediction for 2030?
In 2030, the price is expected to reach a maximum of $58.482 whereas a minimum of $34.466.

Will Optimism’s price go high or low?
It is hard to say anything. Prices have been increasing & decreasing for Optimism as we can see. Well, these values should only be taken as estimates. Due to cryptocurrency’s erratic nature, we cannot guarantee accuracy. You are advised to do your research.

Can OP reach 10 USD?
OP tokens are expected to reach 10 USD in May 2026.

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