Preview of Ethereum’s Major Event, Devcon, Coming to the Philippines in April

Ahead of Devcon Southeast Asia in Thailand this November, the Ethereum community in the Philippines will have a preview through an event hosted by the local group ETH63. This gathering will serve as a touchpoint leading up to Devcon7.

Interested attendees can register to the event here:

Devcon is Coming to the Philippines

According to the media release, the event serves as an introduction to Devcon7, one of the flagship Ethereum event, set to happen in Southeast Asia. Additionally, the gathering marks Devcon’s proper debut in the Philippines, setting the stage for its regional presence.

Note: Not to be confused with Devcon Philippines a non-profit organization that also runs developer events.

The event is scheduled for April 24 at the 8th Floor, W Global Center in Taguig, Metro Manila, and will run from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Attendees can anticipate networking opportunities, informative Q&A sessions, hands-on EVM workshops, and key announcements during the event.

The initiative aims to strengthen the Ethereum community in Southeast Asia by fostering collaboration and innovation among enthusiasts, developers, and stakeholders from various regions, the core members of ETH63 stated.

Distinguished guests from Ethereum’s global community will attend, including Skylar from Devcon and DevConnect, QZ from ETH Singapore and AngelHack, and Tomo Saito from the Ethereum Foundation.

The event is supported by Road to Devcon, an initiative spearheaded by the Ethereum Foundation, to strengthen the Southeast Asian community through backing projects, grassroots communities, and educational endeavors.

Previously, ETH63 organized Ethereum Meetup Manila 2024 which featured speeches by Jaydee Rebadulla, Luis Buenaventura, and Tin Erispe emphasizing understanding market narratives and promoting active participation in the ecosystem. The event also included a panel discussion on various related topics moderated by Paolo Dioquino.

What is Devcon SEA?

Devcon SEA, the seventh iteration of the Ethereum Developer Conference (Devcon), aims to embrace the Southeast Asian region’s Ethereum community. The event, scheduled for November 12-15, 2024, in Bangkok, signifies a shift towards inclusivity and regional focus.

As per its website, Devcon brings together developers, researchers, and enthusiasts from the Ethereum community. It’s a venue for discussions, presentations, and workshops, covering smart contract development, DApps, EIPs, scalability, and security.


ETH63 is an inclusive community contributing to nurturing the grassroots network of Ethereum within the Philippine ecosystem.

In an interview, ETH63 outlined their plans to expand their reach through partnerships, collaborate with educational platforms for cryptocurrency education, and transition into a decentralized community to foster the blockchain’s growth in the Philippines.


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