Farm 3 Airdrops in 1 Go with Blast Airdrop Route

Welcome back, Farmer! Today we’re here to dive into one of the most popular farming layer 2’s of the moment. We are going to show you how we farm 3 airdrops in 1 go with this Blast Airdrop Route.

Yes, you heard that right. Use your ETH once, but farm multiple airdrops!

Blast Airdrop Route

Before we dive in, the Blast ecosystem has a ton of airdrops you can farm. Today we discuss one route, but you can obviously pick a different route that fits your style better. Have a quick look at our blast airdrops list part 1 and part 2 to get an idea of available airdrops.

Step 1 Deposit into Blast

To get this Blast Airdrop Route started, you have to deposit into Blast (duh). Go do it now while you’re at it, cause still step is still mandatory for any route you want to take on Blast. Use our referral code if you need access “6J7IA“.

When you deposit into Blast, you’re already farming Blast Points which will lead to the Blast Airdrop in June. As you can see, we already farmed 7 Million points and some Blast Gold! For more information about the Blast Mainnet Airdrop, go check out our airdrop listing.

Keep in mind, that bridging out of Blast through the official bridge can take 14 days. However, there are bridges like Synapse that allow you to bridge out instantly for an approximately 1.2% fee.

Step 2 Borrow on Juice

We are farming with 17.5 ETH today on Juice Finance. Which is in their 2nd season for the airdrop.

To farm this route, you need wETH on blast. You can use Blasterswap to go from ETH to wETH. Using BlastSwap might qualify you for an Airdrop of Blaster as well.

Now that you have the wETH you can open a borrow position of bUSD. With 17.5 ETH, we borrowed 150k bUSD at 12.5% APR. Sounds like a high APR, but don’t worry, the Wasabi Yield that we discuss next will cover it.

Steps to Borrow:

1. Go to Juice Finance
2. Click the Tab “borrowers”
3. Deposit wETH
4. Click Tab “borrow” and enter amount

Important to note is the health factor, make sure you stay above the minimum required health which is 125%. If the price of Ethereum drops significantly, your health factor is at risk. In this scenario, you will need to deposit some more collateral to keep it safe. As you can see we didn’t borrow the maximum available and our health is at 134%.

Having this borrower position open earns me Juice points. Within a few days, I already earned about 2M points. You also earn Blast Gold on Juice which is distributed weekly.

Step 3 Vault on Wasabi

Now that we have bUSD from Juice. We head to the next step, depositing into a Wasabi Vault

You can stay on the Juice Finance site for this step. Click on the tab “vaults” and you can see several vault options for bUSD.

By joining a vault, you will earn a Blast point multiplier as well. As you can see in the first screenshot in this blog, we’re currently on a 2x multiplier, earning double points every day.

The APY of the Wasabi vault yields 21.3%. This means it covers the APR we have to pay Juice for borrowing the bUSD. However, there is a 1% deposit fee to keep in mind. So only use this Blast airdrop route if you plan to keep it locked for a few weeks.

Steps to vault into Wasabi:

1. Click the “vaults” tab on Juice Finance
2. Pick your Vault (Wasabi in this example) and click “access”
3. Deposit your bUSD

Now we’re all set. We’re farming 3 airdrops with the route, Blast, Juice & Wasabi. If you count a potential Blaster for swapping to wETH we might hit 4!.

More Blast Airdrops to Pick Your Own Route

To find more Blast Airdrops, head over to our search page and select Blast under “blockchains”. Hit the search button and you will find all the options to start your Blast Airdrop Route.

We regularly keep it updated, so check back in every once in a while.

Final Words on Blast Airdrop Routes

There you have it, one perfect Airdrop Route. We believe it’s important to optimize your farming strategies like this. If we see this content is a hit, we will publish more airdrop routes. Because of course, we are neck-deep in the airdrop trenches and we’re farming a lot of them ourselves as well. Might as well show you how to do it properly.

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