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Ragnarok: Monster World to Debut on Ronin Platform in Third Quarter of 2024

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Following its integration of various web3 games, Sky Mavis, the creator of the blockchain Ronin, has unveiled a partnership with the web2 game Ragnarok: Monster World, bringing a game from the Ragnarok Online universe into blockchain gaming.

Ragnarok: Monster World on Ronin

According to the media release, the game is set to launch on Ronin in Q3 2024.

Ragnarok: Monster World is a tower defense game where players ally with Ragnarok monsters (Ragmons) to defend and conquer territories.

The game appeals to both web2 and web3 gamers, offering Ragmon collection, training, and player-vs.-player (PvP) battles for rewards. Future updates will introduce player-vs.-environment (PvE) and guild-vs.-guild (GvG) features, along with campaign-based benefits.

Community Speculation

Prior to the announcement, Sky Mavis co-founder Jeffrey “Jihoz” Zirlin, Axie Infinity Philippine lead Nix Eniego, and Ronin itself teased the community about the game integration.

“I’ve been playing Ragnarok for the last 20 years and it would be a dream for me for [the IP] to come to Ronin.”
Nix Eniego, Growth Lead, Sky Mavis

Eniego, in particular, has been vocal about his dream of bringing Ragnarok to Ronin, emphasizing its potential in web3 gaming.

Community speculation since the Ragnarok tease has been rampant, with the Ronin account itself also posting about the unannounced news item.

Sky Mavis CEO and co-founder Trung Nguyen highlighted the deep connection Ragnarok holds with the Southeast Asian audience, including the team members themselves who are avid fans.

“We are committed to bringing IP that will transcend gaming culture through our bleeding edge technology and can’t wait to see the Ronin Effect on Monster World.”
Trung Nguyen, CEO, Sky Mavis

About Ragnarok Monster World

The game is developed by ZERO X AND (0x&), a web3 development company now part of Google Cloud’s Startup Program. The studio boasts a team with experience in web2 titles such as Blade for Kakao and CrossFire.

“We’re thrilled to collaborate with the team behind Axie Infinity, who has spearheaded a new paradigm for P2E and NFTs. []By leveraging the skills of our team members experienced in Web2 alongside SkyMavis’ web3 expertise, we aim to cultivate a stronger gaming and blockchain community.”
Seokjun Kim, founder of ZERO X AND

Ragnarok IP in Web3

Ragnarok: Monster World is not the first game from the Ragnarok Online universe to enter web3.

In 2023, Ragnarok Landverse was introduced, blending multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) gameplay with decentralized finance (DeFi). Its key features include DeFi integration, token exchange via decentralized exchange (DEX), NFT ownership facilitated by the Ragnarok Online NFT Inventory, and play-to-earn opportunities.

(Read: Ragnarok Landverse Overview & How to Play to Earn)

In 2022, The Sandbox, a virtual world developer, collaborated with Gravity, the Korean gaming company behind Ragnarok, to introduce the game into the metaverse.

Ragnarok in the Philippines

In 2003, Ragnarok Online, which debuted in 2002, was launched in the Philippines by the local publisher Level Up! Games Philippines. The game had over 57,000 concurrent users and nearly 10 million users by the early 2000s. After 12 years, the publisher’s struggle led to Ragnarok Online’s closure in March 2015.

Ragnarok Online returned during the Ragnarok Festival in May 2017, drawing crowds for gaming, cosplay, and music performances, managed by Electronics Extreme Ltd. and ELITE Global Sourcing Inc.

The servers of Ragnarok Online and Ragnarok Online 2 were deactivated across most of Europe on May 25, 2018, coinciding with the implementation of European General Data Protection Regulation rules. Similarly, the Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines (MSP) servers of Ragnarok Online ceased operations on November 28, 2021.

Still, the Ragnarok of today is played via different – and sometimes private – servers. According to the data from MMO Population website, there are currently 1,296,068 global subscribers to Ragnarok Online and 12,313 daily players.

In an X post, NFTXStreet founder Joniel “JB” Bon, a champion during the Ragnarok PH Championship 2004, expressed enthusiasm for the game’s integration into Ronin, predicting that “millions of Filipinos will surely love this move.”

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