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Pixelverse introduces a Play-to-Airdrop Campaign featuring 10 million $PIXFI Tokens

Dubai, AEU, April 18th, 2024, Chainwire

Quest-based battler game Pixelverse, who recently partnered with Mon Protocol, the web3 publishing protocol of Pixelmon, has announced a “Play-to-Airdrop” pre-listing campaign aimed at enriching the Web3 gaming landscape. Combining elements of exploration, crafting, and combat within a rich cyberpunk universe, the campaign is launching today introduces a rewarding system for players who engage in the game’s diverse activities.

Participants will have the opportunity to accumulate points through various in-game activities, such as:

  • Inviting Friends: Expand the community to earn points.
  • Team Battles: Collaborative gameplay and victories trigger rewards.
  • Bot Maintenance: A Tamagotchi-like system remunerates players for looking after their bots.
  • Trading Activities: Active traders in the bot marketplace earn points.
  • Battle Predictions: Correctly predicting battle outcomes triggers rewards.

These accumulated points will play a key role in determining players’ eligibility for a future airdrop event. In June, Pixelverse will distribute 10 million $Pixfi tokens to active and engaged community members, based on their contributions and activities within the game, the dashboard, and more.

“In the crypto world, experimentation and early engagement are key,” said former Step App CEO Kirill Volgin, and now CEO of Pixelverse. “My work with Zerion and Step App reinforced my belief in rewarding those who help refine and improve our products through active use and feedback. With Pixelverse, we’re prioritizing our early adopters, ensuring they’re rewarded for their engagement and contributions, rather than allocating undue advantages to private investors. Every player in Pixelverse who experiments, plays, and provides feedback will have the opportunity to earn rewards. We’re committed to making continuous improvement a shared journey with our community.”

The Pixelverse dashboard will serve as the central hub for accessing the NFT marketplace and engaging in staking, further integrating players into the game’s ecosystem.

By focusing on rewarding the community and early adopters, rather than prioritizing high initial valuations, Pixelverse is dedicated to fostering a collaborative and engaged environment for all players.

The Play-to-Airdrop campaign is an open invitation to Web3 gaming enthusiasts to be part of Pixelverse’s development from its formative stages. The upcoming public sale on Raiser.co, scheduled for April 25, also offers users an opportunity to win allocation access via promotional efforts and demonstrate a deep understanding of the crypto landscape.

About Pixelverse

Crafted by ex-Step App CEO Kirill Volgin, the quest-based battler game Pixelverse integrates engaging PvE battles, a “Risk-to-Earn” system, and customizable NFT bots. It promotes third-party development via its SDK and Pixelchain infrastructure, marking a significant advancement in blockchain gaming.

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