Binance Unveils Airdrops and Web3 Quest Megadrop Platform

The world’s largest crypto exchange Binance made a significant announcement on Thursday about the launch of airdrops and the Web3 quest platform, Megadrop. The first project on Binance Megadrop to benefit from this platform is BounceBit (BB), a BTC restaking chain.

In the official announcement on April 18, Binance introduced the new token launch platform, Binance Megadrop. This platform is designed to enhance airdrop experiences for users by integrating Binance Simple Earn and the Binance Web3 Wallet.

Megadrop gives users exclusive early access to selected Web3 projects even before they are listed on Binance, using BNB. Binance believes that this platform will provide a combination of engagement, education, and reward, benefiting both Binance and the broader crypto ecosystem.

The first project introduced on Binance Megadrop is the BTC restaking chain BounceBit (BB). Users will receive 8% of the token supply from Megadrop, totaling 168,000,000 BB tokens. BounceBit (BB) has a maximum token supply of 2,100,000,000 BB, with an initial circulating supply of 409,500,000 BB, which is 19.5% of the maximum token supply.

The tokens for the projects will be airdropped after thorough research by Binance. BounceBit allows BTC holders to earn income from various sources through a combination of CeFi and DeFi framework, offering a base layer for different re-hypothecation products.

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