Ripple CTO Engages in Discussion with Elon Musk Regarding Recent User Fees on X

Key Takeaways

Ripple’s CTO David Schwartz challenges Elon Musk’s new policy to charge X users, saying it contradicts his proclaimed advocacy for absolute free speech;
The policy is aimed at reducing bot activity;
The crypto community remains divided on the policy’s effectiveness.

Ripple’s Chief Technology Officer, David Schwartz, openly criticized Elon Musk’s recent decision to charge new users of X, stating it contradicts Musk’s support for free speech.
Under the new policy, new users are required to pay a small fee for posting, liking, replying, or bookmarking on the platform.

Musk justifies this measure as a way to combat bots and spam that have evolved to bypass standard security measures. The policy is already in effect in New Zealand and the Philippines.
Despite Musk’s reasoning, David Schwartz from Ripple remarked that the policy undermines the platform’s core principles and Musk’s commitment to “absolute” free speech.

The debate intensified with comments from an X user defending Musk, claiming the policy targets bots, not people. Schwartz argued that the real distinction lies in Musk’s care for the issue and the policy’s protection of speech aligned with his preferences. He added:
“I’m not the one suggesting that all lawful speech should be allowed on this platform. I acknowledge that irritating, low-value speech, while lawful, diminishes the platform.”
ZachXBT, a notable figure in the crypto investigative community, also questioned the policy’s effectiveness, noting that scam accounts already pay significant sums to get verified on X, making the new fee insignificant.
The debates surrounding this policy highlight the broader challenge of balancing efforts to combat social media misuse while upholding free speech ideals.
Meanwhile, Musk is working to raise up to $4 billion for the AI startup xAI, which introduced its open-source chatbot Grok.

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