OSEAN DAO Reaches Company Registration Milestone and Reveals Exciting News

On April 17th, 2024, in Majuro, Marshall Island, Chainwire reported that OSEAN DAO is making significant progress. The organization is gearing up for company registration and is set to acquire its first boat soon. Additionally, a commemorative $5 million $OSEAN airdrop is planned for May.

The project has assembled a diverse team of skilled professionals and has reached significant milestones quickly. OSEAN DAO achieved a $2 million market cap last month and has already secured half of the funds required for its first boat, paving the way for the upcoming company registration milestone.

With a background in the yachting industry valued at over $9.38 billion in 2023, OSEAN DAO, founded by a professional yachting team, is at the forefront of merging the yachting and cryptocurrency sectors. Leveraging the expertise of its founders, who currently operate a successful yachting charter and training business, the project is progressing towards acquiring its first boat and generating revenue through various maritime activities.

The imminent completion of company registration is a crucial step for OSEAN DAO, ensuring transparency and accountability, and allowing access to credit accounts and contract-making capabilities. Strategic partnerships within the yachting industry will be unlocked through Limited Liability Company (LLC) registration, enabling collaborations with yacht charter companies, manufacturers, and brokers to enhance OSEAN DAO’s maritime operations.

In May 2024, to celebrate its accomplishments and community support, OSEAN DAO plans a 5 million $OSEAN airdrop, aligning with its goal of democratizing the yachting market. Participants can engage with the project through social media channels for opportunities to receive rewards. For more details on the upcoming airdrop, users can visit OSEAN DAO’s official communication channels.

OSEAN DAO, deployed on Ethereum (ETH) and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) networks, aims to invest in yachting and democratize the industry. $OSEAN holders can stake their tokens without any lock-in period, benefiting from rewards. For more information, users can visit OSEAN DAO’s official links.

For inquiries, contact Founder Christos Tsafaroglou at OSEAN DAO via [email protected].

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