Dubai’s Crypto Conferences Cancelled Due to Severe Weather Conditions

Dubai, the glittering desert city-state known for its towering skyscrapers and luxurious lifestyle, has been brought to a standstill by heavy rainfall and widespread flooding. The extreme weather conditions have disrupted daily life for residents and impacted the global crypto community, particularly the TOKEN2049 and Blockchain Life conferences.


Heavy rainfall and flooding disrupted the TOKEN2049 and Blockchain Life crypto conferences in Dubai. Dubai received more than a year’s worth of rain within 24 hours, causing widespread flooding and disruption to daily life. Major highways and Dubai International Airport were flooded, with the airport halting arrivals and passengers struggling to reach terminals. Schools were closed, and most government workers worked from home due to the severe weather conditions. Rain is unusual in the UAE, but the lack of proper drainage infrastructure exacerbated the impact of the heavy rainfall.

Over the past 24 hours, Dubai has received more than 142 millimeters (5.59 inches) of rainfall, surpassing the average annual rainfall of 94.7 millimeters (3.73 inches) recorded at Dubai International Airport. The sudden and intense downpour has left the city grappling with the aftermath of the flooding.

A Porsche in Dubai yesterday after the heavy rain???? — Tansu Yegen (@TansuYegen) April 17, 2024

Major highways have been transformed into rivers, with police and emergency personnel navigating the flooded streets. Dubai International Airport has not been spared from chaos, with water lapping onto taxiways and arrivals being halted. Passengers found themselves stranded in the floodwater.

Few clips from the heavy rainfall in the once barren desert lands of Dubai ???? — Kamran Chida (@ChidaKamran) April 17, 2024

The impact of the flooding has been felt by the city’s residents, with water pouring into some homes. The lack of proper drainage infrastructure has exacerbated the situation. The TOKEN2049 and Blockchain Life conferences have faced disruptions, with attendees sharing flooded event venue pictures on social media.

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