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The Xai gaming network, utilizing Arbitrum-based Ethereum layer-3 technology, has recently rolled out staking pools. This new feature allows XAI holders of any size to earn rewards through staking.

In an effort to incentivize and reward users actively engaging with the network, the Xai Foundation, overseeing the development and operations of the Xai layer-3 gaming network on Ethereum with Arbitrum scaling technology, has introduced a staking pool system. This system encourages users to stake their XAI tokens to contribute to network growth and stability in exchange for rewards.

Managed by the Xai Foundation, the Xai gaming network operates as a layer-3 solution on Ethereum using Arbitrum scaling technology. To promote user participation and support network operations, staking pools have been launched. By locking up their XAI tokens in these pools, users can earn rewards, thereby enhancing network security and growth while providing token holders with additional income opportunities based on their involvement. This initiative is part of the foundation’s strategy to encourage community engagement and improve the overall ecosystem of the Xai network.

The staking pools available to XAI token holders in eligible regions allow them to collectively stake their tokens in a pool to earn rewards based on their participation. With the introduction of the esXAI token, which represents staked XAI tokens, users can convert their XAI tokens into esXAI tokens and stake them to actively engage in the staking process and receive rewards. Staking pools are initiated by Sentry Key owners who have undergone KYC procedures and operate network infrastructure nodes. These operators have the authority to determine the distribution of rewards from the staking pool, specifying the percentages allocated to themselves, other Sentry Key stakers, and esXAI stakers, ensuring transparent management of rewards within the Xai network.

Based on the amount of esXAI tokens staked, staking pool tiers determine the reward multiplier for staked Sentry Keys, with higher tiers offering higher reward multipliers. By encouraging collaboration and competition among pools to attract stakers and ascend reward tiers, the Xai Foundation aims to increase participation and engagement within the Xai ecosystem. This setup motivates different staking pools to compete and cooperate to attract more participants and reach higher reward tiers, fostering network support and benefiting all participants.

The introduction of staking pools is expected to have a transformative impact on the Xai ecosystem by providing a collective mechanism for XAI token holders to stake their tokens, contributing to network security and decentralization. This enhances user participation, increases engagement within the community, and rewards users for contributing to the governance and operation of the Xai network. Furthermore, the expanded functionalities and rewards offered through staking pools demonstrate the Xai Foundation’s commitment to improving user experience, attracting new users and investors, increasing Xai token adoption and liquidity, and promoting collaboration and competition among participants, ultimately driving innovation, efficiency, and decentralization within the ecosystem.

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