Bitcoin DevCon and Bitcoin Asia to Be Held Simultaneously

Bitcoin Asia not only highlights the world’s most important Bitcoin companies and current leaders but also serves as a platform for the next generation of Bitcoin startups to connect, collaborate, and engage with the community. To support emerging builders, Bitcoin DevCon offers early-stage teams an opportunity to showcase their ideas and products. Bitcoin DevCon is the leading forum for Bitcoin innovation, catering to developers, visionaries, and creators ready to shape the future of Bitcoin. More than just a gathering, Bitcoin DevCon is a source of inspiration where passionate builders and engineers come together to bring their innovative ideas to life. Scheduled for May 7-8, before Bitcoin Asia, at Hong Kong Science Park, Bitcoin DevCon will not only feature insightful discussions and presentations but will also provide a platform for individuals from various disciplines such as builders, engineers, designers, researchers, and artists to transform their ideas into tangible innovations. This event fosters collaboration, enabling participants to not just be part of the Bitcoin movement but also drive it forward with momentum.
Bitcoin Hackathon Day on May 7 is a comprehensive experience focused on learning, collaboration, and sharing. Attendees can dive into the latest Bitcoin technology developments, brainstorm with peers, and compete for a significant prize pool. This year’s emphasis is on Bitcoin’s Layer 2 solutions, allowing participants to choose their preferred platform, develop projects, and compete for prizes and potential funding from key foundations and investors in the industry. Interested parties can apply here to participate in the hackathon.
Demo Day on May 8 is dedicated solely to showcasing startup demos and pitches, highlighting the best of what’s being created within the Bitcoin ecosystem. This platform aims to harness the power of innovation and assist builders in finding the necessary support, whether in the form of team members, capital, or partnerships. Leading Venture Capital firms like Satoshi Labs, UTXO, CMS, Electric Capital, and Multicoin Capital will have representatives as judges and attendees, ensuring that promising projects receive the backing needed to turn vision into reality. Whether you’re new to the Bitcoin space or a seasoned expert, Bitcoin DevCon promises a deep dive into cutting-edge technologies, serving as a global hub for the Bitcoin community and fostering innovation and creativity. Interested individuals can apply here to participate in Demo Day. Join us for Bitcoin DevCon on May 7-8 at Hong Kong Science Park for an extraordinary event that celebrates the best of Bitcoin builders.

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