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Azteco offers millions the opportunity to purchase Bitcoin anonymously

Company Name: Azteco
Founders: Alexander Fernandez and Paul Ferguson
Date Founded: 2014
Location of Headquarters: Santa Monica, CA
Amount of Bitcoin in Treasury: Not disclosed
Number of Employees: 12
Website: https://azte.co/
Public or Private? Private

Alexander “Akin” Fernandez and Paul Ferguson founded Azteco in 2014 in Santa Monica, California. The company, with 12 employees, does not disclose the amount of Bitcoin in its treasury. Azteco offers prepaid bitcoin vouchers for as little as $10, which can be redeemed within a minute. These vouchers can be purchased online or with cash from in-person vendors in over 190 countries.

One of the key advantages of purchasing Bitcoin through Azteco vouchers is the ability to do so without the need to disclose your identity. The process of buying a voucher is quick and easy. Azteco offers both on-chain and Lightning capabilities, allowing users to redeem their BTC on either the Bitcoin base chain or the Lightning Network, a Layer 2 payments network built on top of the Bitcoin blockchain.

According to Alexander Fernandez, over one million people have already purchased Azteco vouchers. The company aims to grow its customer base significantly in the future to contribute to the normalization of Bitcoin.

In a conversation with Frank Corva, Fernandez shared that the inspiration behind Azteco came from the difficulty he faced in obtaining Bitcoin. Being unbanked for a period of time also influenced his vision for Azteco, as he realized the power of having control over synthetic money like Bitcoin without the need for traditional banking facilities.

Fernandez emphasized that Bitcoin should not be referred to as actual money, but rather as a database that can be used as money. He believes that thinking about Bitcoin correctly is crucial for its widespread adoption. Fernandez discussed the increasing popularity of Azteco and its role in providing access to Bitcoin for those in need, such as the unbanked.

Regarding the future of Azteco and Bitcoin adoption, Fernandez highlighted the importance of ethical Bitcoin wallets like Samourai Wallet and Wallet of Satoshi, as well as innovative solutions like Jack Dorsey’s Bitkey wallet. He expressed his belief that Bitcoin should become mainstream and normalized, similar to everyday services like WhatsApp or Uber.

In conclusion, Fernandez stressed the need for a user-friendly approach to Bitcoin adoption, emphasizing that Bitcoin should become boring in order to reach a wider audience.

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