Solana Introduces Initial Mainnet Update to Address Network Congestion

In response to congestion issues, Solana has rolled out a new update for its validator client software, announced by Anza, a spinoff from Solana Labs. The update, labeled version 1.17.31, aims to address the problems stemming from spam transactions that have caused delays and increased transaction drop rates on the Solana network.

The key feature of the update is the introduction of stake-weighted quality of service (SWQOS). This prioritization system is specifically designed to enhance the efficiency of transactions from staked validators.

According to Tim Garcia, the validator relations lead at the Solana Foundation, SWQOS reserves 80% of connections for QoS, while the remaining 20% are open for general use. Anza highlighted the importance of the update in a post on X (formerly Twitter), urging MainnetBeta validators to adopt version 1.17.31 to alleviate network congestion.

The update, recommended for general use by MainnetBeta validators, contains improvements to mitigate ongoing congestion on the Solana Network. Trent.sol from Anza elaborated on the significance of widespread adoption, emphasizing the impact of SWQOS improvements on traffic reliability.

Rex St. John from Anza emphasized the urgency of the update, noting that it is the first round of Solana mainnet congestion updates, with more enhancements planned for future releases. The update on GitHub includes technical enhancements to manage staked and non-staked packets more efficiently and improve the BankingStage Forwarding Filter to enhance network operations.

Despite challenges faced by Solana in managing high transaction loads without a conventional mempool, the community is optimistic that these improvements will enhance network stability and performance. As of the current market situation, SOL is trading at $150. View the SOL price 1-week chart on SOLUSD on Image credit: Shutterstock, chart source:

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