Should You Invest in Leading AI Cryptocurrencies at a Nearly 50% Discount?

In the midst of a market crash caused by CPI reports and growing tensions in East Asia, Bitcoin Halving seems to have lost its allure. The altcoins, including top AI coins like Fetch.AI, Singularity.NET, and Worldcoin, are experiencing corrections of more than 30% to 40%, offering them at nearly a 50% discount. The potential of these coins is being put to the test as they undergo major drops in value. The question remains: will these use-case driven coins be able to regain community support and overcome the short-term corrections?

Let’s delve into the price analysis of some of these top AI coins to determine if they are worth purchasing at their current discounted rates.

Fetch.AI (FET) recently hit an all-time high of $3.48 before experiencing a significant pullback during the market crash, dropping by 50% to $1.89. Despite this, the coin has shown resilience, with a 14% jump indicating a strong underlying demand. Currently trading at $2.17, Fetch.AI has the potential to rebound further, with a bullish reversal potentially driving the price above $3.50 and even reaching $5, making it a good buy during the ongoing bear phase.

Worldcoin (WLD) has also seen a sharp correction, dropping below $5 from its all-time high of $11.97, resulting in the market cap falling below $1 billion. A recent 20% drop led the coin to test crucial support levels. However, a bounce back in market sentiments could fuel a bull run, potentially pushing the price back above $10 and even touching $12. The coin, closely linked to the AI sector, shows promise despite being a privacy/identity coin.

AGIX is facing a bearish ride after a breakdown of an ascending triangle, causing the price to fall below key support levels. With the coin struggling to survive above the $1 mark, a bounce back could see it return to $1 and potentially reach $1.50 or even $2. While bearish sentiments persist, a shift in the market could lead to a resurgence in the price of AGIX.

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