BitDegree and CoolWallet’s Collaboration Takes on a New Mission

Key Takeaways

BitDegree and CoolWallet have launched a new Mission to explore the CoolWallet Pro, providing an in-depth look at its features;
Participants who finish the Mission by May 16 can participate in a Lucky Draw to win a prize pool of 100 USDT and CoolWallet Pro crypto wallets;
By completing other Missions, you will increase your Degree, enhancing your chances of winning.

You’ve already explored the Zengo wallet and are eager to learn more about crypto storage? Well, here’s some exciting news for you! BitDegree and CoolWallet are excited to announce a new Mission that will guide you through the features of the CoolWallet Pro crypto wallet.

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The best part is that this journey isn’t just about exploring the crypto wallet; there is also an enticing prize pool up for grabs. By completing the Mission before May 16, you’ll secure your spot in the Lucky Draw event. This gives you the opportunity to be among 10 winners who will share a 100 USDT prize or one of 5 winners who will each receive a brand-new CoolWallet Pro. Keep in mind that finishing additional Missions will boost your Degree, increasing your chances of winning. To do that, you can also check out the Mission about Yield App.

Don’t delay – keep your eyes on the prize and join BitDegree and CoolWallet on the journey to explore Web3 in an enjoyable and rewarding way!

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Aaron has been cited by numerous reputable outlets and is a published author. Even in his spare time, he enjoys researching market trends and searching for the next big thing.

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