Top Telegram Crypto Bots to Watch in 2024

Looking for some of the best Telegram crypto bots that will help you make the most out of your crypto adventure?
Here, I have compiled some of the best crypto bots for Telegram under various categories such as copy-trading, DEX trading, Solana trading, sniping, trading signals, and more.
After using some of the latest Telegram crypto trading bots, I realized that they are often way faster and more efficient than manual trading. For example, using the Trojan bot on Solana, you can simply type the name of the project or share the contract address, and the Telegram bot will automatically purchase the token. More on this part when we do a deep dive.
Similarly, there is a Telegram bot for airdrop farming. Using it, one can automate crypto transactions on a decentralized application of new blockchains, which will help in getting future airdrops.
Now, if you find this exciting, read on to discover many legit, free, and premium crypto Telegram bots.

Top Legit and Profitable Crypto Telegram Bots:
1. Lootbot – Telegram Crypto Airdrop farming bot
Lootbot is one of the most interesting Telegram crypto bots that I have been using for a while. Using this bot, you can farm airdrops on a lot of blockchains and their protocols to be eligible for farming.
This platform is growing significantly, and a lot of users who understand the importance of airdrop farming are relying on Lootbot for farming.
This platform supports many blockchains such as:


Features include:

Automated airdrop farming
Integrated Crypto bridge to transfer tokens from one blockchain to another
Option to claim airdrops
Withdraw funds anytime

Overall, I would rate Lootbot as 5/5.

Telegram Trading Bot – Best Telegram Bot for Trading
2. Trojan on Solana – Best Solana trading bot

Trojan on Solana is one of the top Solana Telegram trading bots out there. This was earlier known as Unibot on Solana and later rebranded to Trojan on Solana. If you are someone who is trading on Solana DEX or a meme coin trader, you will find this Telegram bot to be very effective.
Using Trojan on Solana Telegram bot, you will be able to make transactions more effectively.
Here are some of the top features of Trojan on Solana bot:

Buy or sell a token – This can be done using the contract address or the name of the token. Ex: $WEN
Check your positions and add or cut your positions if needed.
Withdraw tokens.
Configure auto buy and auto sell.

Trojan might launch its own token in the days to come, and most likely, they will airdrop it to their users first. For further research, here is a Dune Analytics dashboard to see the growth of Trojan on Solana Telegram bot.

Dune analytics dashboard
Use this link to start your journey with Trojan bot on Solana

3. Bonkbot – SPL Token Trading bot (Solana only)

Bonkbot is one of the top Solana telegram trading bots. It is simple to use and is not complicated.

Best Telegram Trading Bots – Multiple Blockchains
4. Unibot – Elite DEX Trading Bot
Unibot is one of the most popular trading bots for multiple blockchains. At the time of compiling this resource, Unibot supports three major blockchains on its main bot:

Given the significant activity occurring on the Base blockchain, you can’t ignore the importance of Unibot’s Base blockchain integration.
Here are some of the notable features of the Unibot Telegram bot:

Buy/Sell a token
Telegram Copy trade
DCA Telegram bot
Bridge from one blockchain to another
Backup bots to mitigate performance issues

Unibot is one of the most popular Telegram bots with a spectacular history. They were also very popular for their Solana Telegram bot, which was later rebranded due to some issues as the Trojan Solana bot (mentioned above).
Overall, I would suggest giving it a try, and I believe the Unibot Telegram bot will not disappoint you.

5. Unibot on Blast
If you are looking for a Telegram trading bot for the Blast blockchain, Unibot on Blast is here for your rescue. Feature-wise, it is the same as the popular Unibot trading bot; however, it is designed specifically for the Blast blockchain.
Update: This bot might be rebranded soon to reflect that it is now owned by the Trojan group.
I would not be surprised if Unibot continues shipping specific bots for different blockchains as it will keep our lives simpler.

Copy Trading Telegram Bot
6. Cornix – Telegram Copy trading bot

Cornix is one of the most underrated tools for crypto signal group owners or people who would like to copy trade of others. Using Cornix one can easily copy the trade of crypto signal providers.
Cornix supports all major crypto exchanges such as Binance, Bybit, KuCoin to name a few.  Check our earlier review of Cornix to learn more about it.

Upcoming Crypto Telegram bots:
We are always scouting for interesting and useful telegram bots. Currently, we are testing new bots under the below-mentioned categories:

Best crypto price bot telegram
Telegram auto trading bot (Binance, Bybit, and others)
Binance telegram bot
Crypto arbitrage bot telegram

and if you want to suggest, feel free to email us at [email protected]
Send your suggestions to make it the best-curated resource for crypto telegram bots.

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