Co-Founder of Solana Suggests ORE Fork for Network Testing

Solana co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko has put forward a new open proposal to the community with the aim of addressing the network challenges faced by the blockchain. In his recent announcement, he suggested stress testing the network by forking the ORE protocol.

Forking ORE: Benefit To Everyone

Yakovenko’s proposal to stress test Solana was a direct response to a recent post by Chaofan Shou, a PhD student at the University of Berkley, who shared how he earns $10,000 daily from mining ORE.

Yakovenko introduced ORE as a token built on Solana that uses a mining system for claiming rewards. He believes that forking ORE to appeal to a wider audience will be beneficial for everyone. He asked if someone could “build an ORE fork with a miner on Solana’s testnet and then airdrop rewards on the mainnet?”

The rationale behind this proposal is clear, as Solana’s core developers are exploring solutions on the blockchain’s testnet to address congestion issues. Yakovenko believes that an attractive ORE fork could attract a large number of users, providing the necessary traffic to test Solana’s congestion handling capabilities.

The incentive for forking ORE, as stated by Yakovenko, is that the blockchain’s core developers and validators will support the move, and testers or miners will receive free monetizable tokens, while Solana will undergo a much-needed stress test.

Can someone build an ORE fork with a miner on Solana’s testnet and airdrop rewards on the mainnet? All validators and core devs will be your main supporters. Solana gets a testnet stress test, and you get tokens. Everyone is happy. Click here for more details. Follow toly 🇺🇸 on Twitter for updates on this proposal.

Solana Recovery: How Long More?

There is a growing concern within the Solana community about resolving the network issues. Various solutions have been proposed, including introducing the Stake Weighted Quality of Service (SWQoS) to enhance security and stability.

Yakovenko acknowledges that finding a lasting solution for Solana will take time, impacting builders and innovators who are delaying project launches. Some are turning to alternative protocols due to Solana’s congestion issues. In addition to the ORE forking proposal, validator client Anza has deployed a crucial upgrade currently undergoing testing. For more information, click here.

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