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The Bitcoin price has seen a significant crash and fell below the 67,000 dollar mark. This is the second time we have seen a significant crash in recent weeks. This Bitcoin crash is particularly interesting due to the approaching halving. Will the crashes continue until the Bitcoin halving?

How has the Bitcoin price moved in the last few hours?

In the last few hours, the Bitcoin price has seen a significant crash. The price fell from just under 70,000 dollars to below 67,000 dollars. Previously, we had already seen a significant drop from over 70,000 dollars to 69,000 dollars.

Bitcoin price in the last 24 hours, source: TradingView

This was just one of the many Bitcoin crashes in recent weeks. The Bitcoin price rose above 70,000 dollars several times, but then fell sharply again. At times, the price even fell to 65,000 dollars.

Why is the Bitcoin price crashing?

The last few weeks have been very chaotic and have been characterized by crashes. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that the Bitcoin price has ended its strong bull run following the introduction of spot ETFs. On the other hand, the Bitcoin halving is getting closer and closer.

In recent years, the halving has repeatedly led to a strong bull market, albeit with a delay. However, it is not certain in which direction the Bitcoin price will move immediately after the halving. This is why there are strong fluctuations.

Will the crash continue?

A crash to 60,000 dollars would not be unusual in such a volatile phase. Nevertheless, we still see strong momentum at the moment, which could quickly bring the Bitcoin price back up to 70,000 dollars. At the moment, the short-term future of the Bitcoin price is extremely uncertain for the next few days.

Over the next few days, the development of the Bitcoin price will remain exciting as the halving draws very close. We could see further sharp fluctuations both before and after the day of the Bitcoin halving.

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