Maximizing your deBridge Points: A Guide to the deBridge Finance Airdrop

deBridge Finance
is a cross-chain interoperability protocol designed to facilitate the seamless transfer of assets between various blockchain networks. It offers a solution to the challenge of siloed blockchains, enabling users to move cryptocurrencies and tokens across platforms like Polygon, Arbitrum, Solana, Ethereum, and several others efficiently.

A key advantage of deBridge is its rapid asset transfer capability, positioning it as a premier choice for users needing fast bridging services. However, it’s important to note that this speed comes at a higher cost compared to other bridging options in the market, which may be a consideration for users with cost sensitivities.

deBridge Finance Funding

Recently, deBridge has secured an $11 million funding round from notable investors such as Animoca Brands, Lemniscap, Capital, Huobi Ventures, GSR, among others. deBridge has now introduced a points system, which suggests the potential launch of a $deBridge token airdrop, adding an incentive mechanism for users.

deBridge Airdrop Guide: How to get deBridge Airdrop?

Season 1 of deBridge airdrop is on, and the team has already hinted the same. The deBridge airdrop is expected to happen in the next two months.

referral link to get started with deBridge.

Now that your account is created, start bridging crypto assets across multiple chains.

How to Maximise your deBridge token Airdrop?

The upcoming deBridge airdrop is getting hyped, and now the users are looking to collect more and more points as possible. This can be gauged from stats that activity in deBridge Finance has surged post the announcement of the points system.

deBridge Key Strategy Insights

  • Points Accumulation: Points are primarily earned through the act of bridging assets between blockchains within the deBridge platform. The unique aspect of this airdrop is that points are awarded based on the gas fees paid, not the transaction volume.
  • Optimal Transaction Size: Bridging smaller amounts frequently, specifically 0.01 ETH, is identified as the most efficient method for points accumulation. This approach leverages the fixed commission rate of $4.2 per transaction on deBridge, translating to approximately 387 points per bridge, before accounting for slippage fees.
  • Leaderboard Monitoring: Participants should regularly check the deBridge leaderboard to gauge their ranking and adjust their strategy accordingly. A strategic goal, such as ranking within the top 20,000, requires consistent activity and optimization based on leaderboard feedback.
  • Transaction Diversification: While smaller transactions are favored, diversifying across different chains and incorporating occasional higher-value trades can enhance point accumulation. Avoiding repetitive transactions on high-fee chain pairs is recommended to optimize cost-efficiency.
  • Referral and Early User Bonuses: Engaging early in the airdrop process and utilizing the referral program can significantly increase point totals, with early users receiving a 1.5x points bonus and referrals yielding an additional 25% in points.

When is the deBridge Airdrop Due?

The deBridge airdrop event, referred to as Season 1, is limited to a two-month period.

This constrained timeframe necessitates an efficient and proactive approach to strategy execution.


To capitalize on the deBridge airdrop, participants should focus on small, frequent bridging transactions to maximize gas fee-based points, regularly monitor the leaderboard, and engage in strategic transaction diversification.

Additionally, leveraging early participation and referral bonuses can further enhance eligibility for a substantial airdrop reward. This professional and targeted approach is designed to optimize participants’ standings in the upcoming deBridge airdrop within the given operational framework and timeframe.

For users spending about 100USD in gas fees should easily be in the top 50,000 users. Though nothing is guaranteed, users are advised to keep checking the leaderboard.

If you would like to discuss more airdrops, I would highly suggest you to join our Discord, where we discuss such strategies almost daily.

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