Latest Aptos Round 2 Airdrop Guide: What are the chances of another Aptos Airdrop?

Aptos has allocated 51% of its tokens for community members, with distribution details still unclear. The community speculates that these tokens may be distributed through airdrops to users actively engaging in the ecosystem.

At present, Aptos has already airdropped 3% of its tokens to early supporters, and further participation in Aptos projects could lead to additional rewards. However, it is unlikely that the remaining 48% will be distributed solely through future airdrops. A substantial portion of these tokens is expected to be given to developers working on building the Aptos ecosystem, with a distribution plan extending over a decade. For a more in-depth understanding, it is recommended to review the Aptos tokenomics.

Additionally, Aptos recently facilitated four quests through Galxe, hinting at possible airdrops for participants. This move indicates the potential for a second round of airdrops targeting active contributors and investors in the Aptos DeFi and NFT ecosystems.

Please note that as of April 12, 2024, 39% of APT tokens are in circulation, with a total marketcap of 4.75B USD. APT is currently trading at $11.86 (as of April 12, 2023). The last round of fundraising saw investors putting in funds at a valuation slightly above 4 billion USD, with notable investors like Jump Crypto, FTX, and Multicoin Capital investing at 1 billion USD. Aptos now has an FDV of 13 billion USD, representing close to 3x gains from the previous round.

To best participate in the Aptos Round 2 Airdrop, consider engaging with projects such as Aries Finance, Aptin Finance, Liquidswap, and NFT marketplaces like Wapal, Mercato, and Topaz. Increasing your participation increases your chances of receiving not just APT tokens but also other new tokens from these ventures.

For NFT enthusiasts, exploring Aptos NFT collections like Aptos Monkeys, Aptomingos, and Aptorobos can be rewarding. Services like CRED can help assess your DeFi activities and NFT holdings to estimate potential future airdrop rewards. MEME tokens in the Aptos ecosystem such as GUI, SHRIMP, UPTOS, CHEWY, and DODOO are also worth exploring. Aptos has partnered with Jambo phone, which may provide access to exclusive drops for owners of Jambo phones, particularly for upcoming Aptos MEME coins.

Now is a good time to participate in Aptos DeFi and ecosystem projects, as there is currently low competition for earning airdrops. Even a small investment can lead to potential rewards in the future. Investing in about 10 APTOS tokens is a good starting point, and increasing to 50 APTOS tokens can significantly improve your position.

For more information and step-by-step guides, including airdrop strategies for other ecosystems like Solana, check the provided links. Stay tuned for updates on the timing of the Aptos Round 2 Airdrop, expected to happen in 2024.

To conclude, consider getting an Aptos name from and engaging with various dApps on the Aptos platform to maximize your benefits from the upcoming airdrop round. Join the ongoing discussions on airdrops in our Discord community for further insights and opportunities.

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