Decoding the Technical Architecture of the Quantum Cats

Quantum Cats is a collection of 3333 Ordinals Inscriptions that evolve over time, revealing different artwork. This is the first collection of Inscriptions that evolve over time, created in a time of high fees and an unpredictable future fee market. This article focuses on the technical implementation of Quantum Cats, discussing the engineering challenges faced and the techniques used to overcome them. The goal was to create an Inscription collection that would change and adapt over time, adding or modifying traits of the Cats. The artwork for Inscriptions is published on-chain in the witness of a Taproot transaction. Recursion, a feature of ordinals, allows one inscription to reference the content of another, enabling the creation of evolving artwork collections like Quantum Cats. Presigned transactions and layer connectors are key components used to achieve the evolving artwork feature. By presigning transactions for traits that are gradually revealed over time, Quantum Cats can evolve without changing the immutable on-chain data. The use of presigned transactions, layer connectors, and encryption keys for artwork assets allows for efficient and secure evolution of the artwork. This technical approach saves costs, ensures data integrity, and provides a unique user experience for collectors.

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